We’re not snobs, we hob nob.


Acme Motorwerks loves to hob nob and share news. We’ve got our hands in lots of different projects. We’ll be sure to keep our content fresh and current. If it has something to do with cars and cycles or the like we’ll talk about it.

Open House

Fall is upon us and we are getting ready for our open house on November 23rd.  We have Kurt from SureFlame who will be catering the event with some of his award winning BBQ.  We will have a few Acme Approved artists, including the likes of Jon Arvizu, Arron Voigt and Odd Rodney, displaying their work.  The brothers from DP Customs will also be attending to talk bikes.  If you haven’t seen their work, check them out on the Acme Motorwerks website.  Most importantly, we will be featuring three of our beers and gaining valuable insight and feedback from those who attend.  Plans for a larger brew house might be in the works!

Now that is has cooled off, we can get back to business.  The Model AA is up and running around town performing shop errands while the VW bus is being rewired and the Torino is getting an engine transplant.   The Cadillac, Galaxie and Mustang are all patiently waiting their turn, while we continue to search out the best in our culture to bring to you.

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