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Acme Motorwerks loves to hob nob and share news. We’ve got our hands in lots of different projects. We’ll be sure to keep our content fresh and current. If it has something to do with cars and cycles or the like we’ll talk about it.

Acme Update

The shop has slowed down a bit for summer here in Arizona.  Organization is underway, some current projects are getting wrapped up and new ones are being discovered.  The louver machine is getting a workout, inventory is slowing being built, and the shop truck is almost done.  Special thanks to H&H for the killer banger.  This truck is now a true hot rod.


We have recently “Acme Approved” Shiner Gold Pomade.  It joins Nezzy and Odd Rodney as one of the best products in our culture.  Check it out and get yourself some!

The 1962 VW Kombi is out of the paint booth and getting all new weather stripping installed.  Roof Rack and miscellaneous bits are off at the powder coaters and the interior is next on the list.  We can’t wait to get this on the road.


The 1970 Torino is coming along nicely.  The folks at Olympic Coachcraft have done a rocking job.  They smoothed out all the dents, flared the fender lips a tad and laid down some two stage paint on the interior and exterior.  All that is left to do is color sand and polish it, then transport it back to Acme for final reassembly.  Willow Springs International Raceway here we come!  ‘Vettes are for Kids!


We have used some of our downtime at the shop to explore brewing beer.  Based on the overwhelming positive feedback on our latest brews, we are considering opening up a microbrewery.  If you are in the area stop by for a cold one.  Here is our our label design.  Let us know what you think.


We are currently on the look out for a 1961 Cadillac, Model A coupe, Greeves motorcycle and a few other special items.  If you think you have something that we would be interested in, drop us a line.

We will be at El Mirage July 14th to witness some land speed racing.  Let us know if you will be there.

Stay tuned for more updates from Acme.




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